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Backsplash Stick Tiles FAQs

1. What Are Stick Tiles?

Peel-and-stick tile is one of the best materials you can use to bring your kitchen or bathroom into this decade, giving you the look of real tile for a fraction of the cost. Transform a bathroom wall or kitchen backsplash, for example, into an attractive and protective new surface. The adhesive backing on each decorative sheet allows for quick and easy installation-simply peel and stick.

2. What Temperatures Are Best Suited for Stick Tiles?

We recommend installing stick tile at an ambient (normal and comfortable) room temperature, neither too cold nor too hot. Stick tiles are NOT recommended for commercial or outdoor applications, as extreme weather conditions are likely to compromise the adhesive properties of the product.

3. Are Stick Tiles Durable?

Yes. They will keep their look in the long term since they will never yellow or crack.

4. Are Stick Tiles Heat Resistant?

Once the stick tiles have completely adhered to the surface - generally after 48 hours - they are resistant to the heat of a stove. However, it is recommended to prevent direct exposure to an open flame and we recommend to install a kitchen panel.

5. Are Stick Tiles Resistant to Humidity and Water?

Once the tiles have completely adhered to the surface - generally after 48 hours - they are resistant to bathrooms and water splash humidity. However, it is highly recommended to install Yipscazo thicker design tile in the shower. 

6. How Should I Clean and Maintain My Yipscazo Tiles Backsplash?

Simply use a sponge to restore the shine of Yipscazo Tiles. Use a mild non-abrasive household cleaning product such as dish soap, a cream cleanser or a glass cleaner.

7. Can I Install Them over an Existing Backsplash?

Yes. You can install peel and stick Yipscazo Tiles directly over your existing backsplash, whether it is glass or ceramic provided that your surface is smooth, sleek and without texture. You must also take into consideration the width and depth of your existing grout lines as this might affect the outcome.

8. What Are Ideal Surfaces for Installing Yipscazo Thin Version Tiles On?

Smooth undamaged surfaces are perfect. For example:

Painted gypsum (after a 21-day curing time for fresh paint)

•       Smooth ceramic tile

•       Wall panel (acrylic)

•       Wall linoleum

•       Mirror

•       Wallpaper

Simply clean the surface with a degreaser before beginning the installation.

9. Can I Easily Remove Yipscazo Tiles?

Yes. They are easy to remove with little to no damage, depending on the surface they were installed on. To make it easy, use a blow dryer to warm up each tile to soften the adhesive and pull softly starting with the corners. Use a cleaning product to wash the wall and remove any excess glue left by the Yipscazo Tiles.

10. What Are the Fire Certifications?

Our tiles are certified NFPA (ASTM E84) and IBC Class B.


Other FAQs

1. How Do You Use the Calculator?

Divide the surface that you need to cover into rectangular sections and measure each section. Then enter your dimensions section by section into our calculator and click Calculate. It will calculate the number of tiles to order based on the model chosen.

2. I Am a Retailer or Decorator, How Can I Distribute Your Products?

By leave a message to our email: mosaic5@tenglas.com, you will get the best prices on the market and exclusive access to our latest products, news and sales tools.

3. What is the Volatile Organic Compounds Certification?

Yipscazo Tiles have been tested for Volatile Organic Compounds and aldehydes (VOCs) under ISO 16000 which classifies emission rate from A+ to C (A+ indicating a very low level of emissions and C a high level of emissions). Yipscazo Tiles have been certified as A+ meaning very low level of emissions.

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