How to Install Peel and Stick Subway Tiles with Plastic Frames?

May 13, 2024

Peel and stick subway tiles have always been a classic style among self-adhesive tiles. From the initial vinyl subway tiles to PVC subway tiles, there have been continuous improvements in surface texture, color, and more. Recently, subway tiles with a bordered look have become popular, mimicking the grout lines of real tiles. Today, let's explore how to install Yipscazo peel and stick subway tiles with plastic frames.

peel and stick subway tiles for kitchen

Key considerations for using peel-and-stick tiles to re-tile your kitchen backsplash:

Once you've decided to re-tile your kitchen backsplash, it's time to choose from a variety of colors and designs for your peel-and-stick tiles. These options might seem overwhelming, but these considerations can help you narrow them down:

Know your budget:

Your budget is a crucial part of choosing peel-and-stick tiles for your backsplash and bringing your design ideas to life. Is your budget limited, or are you willing to spare no expense to get what you want? You can limit your choices by determining how much you're willing to spend on the backsplash. If your budget is limited, opt for peel-and-stick tiles for your kitchen backsplash.

Kitchen backsplash tiles come in various sizes and designs, so shopping around for tiles that best fit your design and budget is the best way to get anything you want at the most favorable cost. Additionally, you don't even need cement grout to install the backsplash. Undoubtedly, kitchen backsplash tile is the best choice and is cost-effective.

peel and stick subway tile for kitchen

Know the size of your space:

Consider the size of your kitchen when thinking about design and budget. Size and budget go hand in hand, as areas above the stove and sink in the kitchen typically require the most coverage, making them the most attention-grabbing. These areas also provide the most design space. Consider using more intricate kitchen backsplash tiles in these areas, and opt for more neutral tiles in smaller areas that won't attract as much attention.

How to install peel and stick subway tiles with plastic frames:

Today, we simulated the size of the space behind the kitchen stove, including the range of sockets, as an example of installing peel and stick tiles. We chose pure white tiles with black frames and determined the area size to be 4.58 square feet based on measurement data. We decided to purchase peel and stick backsplash tiles in boxes of 10 pieces each to avoid tile damage due to installation errors.

Installation area

Pre-installation Preparation:

Tools: Level/straight edge, utility knife, scissors, ruler, pliers, cleaning cloth.

Open the product and lay it out on the ground to simulate the installation area. This simulation allows you to get a rough idea of the product quality, quantity, and overall effect before installation, avoiding problems during or after installation.

Product inspection before installation

Follow these steps for installation:

Clean the Wall:

Removing dust and stains from the wall is an essential preparatory step. We believe any common degreaser containing trisodium phosphate (TSP) is one of the best cleaning agents. Only proceed with installation once the wall is completely dry or use a kitchen towel to dry any residual moisture.

clean the wall

Tile Cutting:

To create straight edges, place the peel-and-stick subway tiles on a cutting mat. Use a pencil to draw straight lines on the tiles, then use a utility knife and ruler as a guide to cut along the lines. The cutting method depends on the tile material; in our case, PVC. After cutting a straight line, snap the tile by hand, then use scissors to cut open the backing tape. Keep the cut tiles for later use as filler.

cut the tile

Peeling, Sticking, and Pressing:

Based on the right angle within the installation area, establish a baseline, then peel the backing from the cut tiles and stick them to the wall, aligning with the baseline. Press the tiles by hand or with a roller to ensure full adhesion of the backing to the wall for better grip. Ensure alignment and interlocking of the subway tiles; once stuck, they can't be easily moved.

peeling, sticking and pressing tile

Attention to Plastic Frame Alignment:

When installing the second row of tiles, consider the alignment of the plastic frames. This involves careful measurement and cutting to determine whether the plastic frames should be included in the current or next tile section. This may require additional precise measurements and cuts to ensure a seamless combination of tiles and plastic frames. Use a utility knife and scissors for accurate handling.

peel and stick subway tile with frames

Video Installation Guide:

Through the following video, you can learn as much as possible about how to install subway tiles with plastic frames and improve cutting techniques.

During the installation process, various errors may occur and require special attention. For example, errors in measurement data or preset plans can lead to missing modules in the final sealing, but these can be supplemented with leftover material.

What to Do When Encountering Electrical Outlets During the Installation of Peel-and-Stick Tiles?

When encountering electrical outlets during the installation of peel-and-stick tiles, special steps need to be taken. Follow these steps for installation:

Turn off Power: Firstly, ensure that the power to the outlets in the area is turned off. This is a crucial safety step to prevent electric shock or other accidents.

Measure: Use measuring tools such as a ruler or measuring tape to accurately measure the size of the tiles around the outlet. This ensures that when cutting the tiles later, they will fit precisely around the outlet.

Mark: Use a pencil or other erasable marking tool to mark the position and shape of the outlet on the tiles. Make sure the marks are clear and aligned perfectly with the actual outlet position.

Cutting: Use tile cutting tools to carefully cut the tiles according to the marked shape. Since PVC tiles are usually more difficult to cut than vinyl tiles, for convenience, it's recommended not to cut from the middle of a full tile. Instead, divide the installation area into four parts: top, bottom, left, and right. Cut tiles of appropriate sizes based on tile dimensions, as shown in the video.

Adhere: Place the cut tiles around the outlet, ensuring they are fully aligned with the surrounding tiles both in pattern and layout.

Test: Before restoring power, ensure that the work around the outlet is completed and the tiles are firmly installed. Then, conduct a functional test of the outlet to ensure all electrical devices function properly.

Clean: Clean any debris or dust generated after installation to ensure the area around the outlet is tidy and clean.

These steps ensure a smooth handling of outlets during the installation of peel-and-stick tiles, ensuring both safety and aesthetics.

fit the area around the electrical outlet

 What if the borders are not aesthetically pleasing?

After installation, you may find that the tiles around the edges are not perfectly smooth. In such cases, we provide self-adhesive edge strips that can be used to tidy up the edges. You can choose a coordinating color for the edge strip to blend seamlessly with the overall scene.

Self-adhesive edge strip

Important Tips:

  • If it's your first time installing subway tiles with plastic frames, consider a 15% cutting loss, and purchase enough tiles at once to ensure they come from the same batch to avoid slight color differences.
  • Use a level or chalk line to create at least one vertical and one horizontal reference line to guide tile placement.
  • Consolidate with a laminate roller after installation.
  • If in contact with water, consider using tile grout and sealant (or silicone).
  • Newly painted walls need to dry for 3 weeks to ensure they are completely dry and free of dust.

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