About Yipscazo

About Yipscazo

“Strip-On Excellence”

At Yipscazo, we devote ourselves to providing the best self-adhesive tile for your kitchen and bathroom renovation.

Yipscazo has a variety of distinctive and contemporary colours and designs for self-adhesive tiles.  Using our products is the most affordable way to add refinement to any space. With an easy, peel and stick application, we offer to sum up the look you are aiming for in an eco-friendly, affordable alternative to high-end installations. Yipscazo self-adhesive Peel & Stick Backsplash Tiles are ready to be set up to your walls with no grout needed.

Adding sophistication and value to your kitchen and bathroom, Yipscazo eco-friendly tile options are perfect for backsplash, walls, details and accents.

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